Discover the amazing world of Regilus, play as two heroes and solve the mystery...


The story of this puzzle-adventure game takes place on the planet Regilus – beautiful, exotic and mysterious. Syndicates of colonizers and a few private galactic explorers had long fought over influence on the planet, but they all made the same mistake: by investing in the exploration of an unknown planet, they squandered both time and money, as the deposits of rare minerals found there were far too small to turn a proper profit. Once the space piranhas finally took their leave, the Teleportation Travel Agencies stepped in, transforming the planet into a tourist attraction. Two of the game’s heroes, Amia and Bogard, use the services of one such agency and take a trip to Regilus. After teleporting to the planet, it turns out they got separated - so they start to look for each other...
Gameplay is a mix of adventure and puzzles in beautiful scenes with dark elements. Playing characters alternately, can you solve all puzzles? By overcoming obstacles created by residents uncover more and more secrets of this world. As a tourist, we have been equipped with an electronic guide, whose help may turn out to be crucial in difficult situations.

Throughout the game the player is faced with various questions. Where is his companion on this alien planet? What are the true intentions of the guide who is supposed to be helping the player? What was meant to be a pleasant trip turns out to be a struggle for survival. Who can be trusted? Who is a friend and who is an enemy? The player’s curiosity at certain difficult moments wins over the desire to choose the easier path. It is an integral element of the constructed world. Nemezis: Mysterious Journey III is not only a game filled with challenges, but also a gift to those seeking a captivating tale. One of the rewards for solving puzzles and reaching the ultimate goal - finding the missing companion - is an interesting and twists-filled story written by Rafał Niemczyk, a young Polish writer.

Gameplay - overview


Depending on the location, the player controls one of two characters. During gameplay the world is observed from the first person perspective and all its elements are fully rendered in 3D. Diverse and interesting puzzles are the greatest strength of the game. Their difficulty increases as the plot progresses. Nemezis features logic puzzles, jigsaws, codes with complex mechanics, and associative riddles. There’s also a new type: spatial puzzles. In order to solve one the player has to reach every element of the puzzle and study them closely.

Game features two puzzle difficulty levels, which should make the game appealing not only to players expecting great intellectual challenges, but also to those who mainly want to experience a fascinating story. The player may carefully search every in-game location, in order to solve riddles. He may also use the advice of an electronic guide, commenting on the player's efforts and giving him tips (after some time it turns out that the guide is becoming increasingly unpredictable and some of its advice may lead the player astray).

We pay great attention to balancing the gameplay and making its consecutive challenges intuitive. On the one hand the player is being challenged and on the other draws satisfaction from every step of the progress. As the story moves on, the player learns a growing portion of the mechanics, so becomes better at the game and notices progress. The game is easy to learn, but exploring it fully by playing on Hard mode is reserved for the most demanding players.