Acquire plans, gather resources and create the most destructive device in history in Medieval Machines Builder! Become the greatest inventor in the whole world!

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You had the spark for inventing right from the childhood. The time has come to prove yourself as a young ballistic engineer! Your weapons will serve the King and his Kingdom, so be sure to make the most powerful and innovative contraptions possible! Start from scratch and reach for the fame as one of the most renown inventors in the whole Middle Ages in Medieval Machines Builder.
Beginnings are always quite challening, so your very first machine won't be your opus magnum. There's a long way for you to go. Starting off with your first job, creating something from scratch might prove itself being a bit difficult. No worries! You can buy a blueprint to base your invention on. They come for a price, but having a firm foundation is always a great start. The more people you know in the city, the more ways to aquire new blueprints will pop up. Not all of them 100% legal, of course. Next step? Gathering and processing resources. Only then you can sit down, relax and use your imagination to create the greatest or most weird looking war machine of all time.

Throughout the game the player is faced with various questions. Where is his companion on this alien planet? What are the true intentions of the guide who is supposed to be helping the player? What was meant to be a pleasant trip turns out to be a struggle for survival. Who can be trusted? Who is a friend and who is an enemy? The player’s curiosity at certain difficult moments wins over the desire to choose the easier path. It is an integral element of the constructed world. Nemezis: Mysterious Journey III is not only a game filled with challenges, but also a gift to those seeking a captivating tale. One of the rewards for solving puzzles and reaching the ultimate goal - finding the missing companion - is an interesting and twists-filled story written by Rafał Niemczyk, a young Polish writer.

Gameplay - overview


What happens next? You may sell your invention to the Kingdom... or someone else, whoever needs to do a siege in this particular moment. Cash you've earned and experience you've got will help you grow personally and your next creation might even go for a small fortune. Of course don't forget to do a small "test drive" before sending it to the buyer! In Middle-Ages return policy might come with your head! And a head is quite useful for Medieval Machines Builder!


  • Create amazing war machines!
  • Deep simulation and tycoon elements
  • Test your inventions before selling them
  • Let the imagination be your guide